Bergen County Board of Social Services


Bergen County Board of Social Services and its staff will be viewed by the public as the premier county agency committed to improve, sustain, and protect the health, welfare, and self-sufficiency of all county residents, enhancing every individual's ability to contribute to family and community.

The Bergen County Board of Social Services, working within the guidelines of Federal & State statutes, helps individuals and families meet their basic needs so they can live in dignity and achieve their highest potential.

- Reaching beyond the confines of our building to promote accessibility for county residents to all programs administered by the Board.

- Collaborating with other community resources and services through a network of referral systems.

- Assessing individual circumstances to provide maximum benefits to eligible - residents in a timely and efficient manner.

- Linking individuals to training, employment programs, and support services that facilitate the transition to increased independence.

- Promoting compassionate delivery of services while maintaining program integrity through modern technology, staff development, education, and training.