temporary assistance to needy families/work first nj

to see if you may qualify click on nj helps.org.

1. the initial step in determining eligibility for new applicants under this program is to compare the total monthly gross income of the applicant family to schedule i - 150% of maximum tanf subsidy level. if the family's total monthly gross income falls below the amount for the family size, initial eligibility has been established.

2. eligibility for a tanf/wfnj cash assistance payment exists when countable income is less than the standard on schedule ii - tanf maximum payment - for the family size. the determination of monthly assistance amount is based on the following items:

3. when an applicant for assistance is employed (earned income), we determine the total monthly gross income and disregard 75% of that amount, if they are working full time more than 20 hours per week. this disregard is for 6 months. after 6 months, the disregard converts to 50% of earnings. if an individual is working less than 20 hours per week they only receive the 50% disregard. therefore, even though the gross monthly income may exceed the figure on schedule ii, the family may be eligible after applying this disregard. the monthly payment is determined by subtracting the remaining income from schedule ii. if the remaining income equals or exceeds the figure on schedule ii, the applicant is ineligible.

4. when an applicant receives unearned income (child support payments, social security benefits, veterans benefits, etc.), the income is deducted from schedule ii dollar for dollar to determine the monthly payment. no "disregard" is applied to unearned income. the first $100 of child support is not counted and earned income of high school students is not counted.

5. schedule ii also reflects the maximum allowable monthly payments to a family provided there are no other forms of income or resources available.

6. resources such as savings and checking accounts, bonds and immediate disposable assets above the resource standard of $2000 per family will make the applicant ineligible.

7. pregnancy - a pregnant woman will not be granted cash assistance until the child is born. prior to this time she may be eligible for general assistance, administered by the local welfare director. (the pregnant woman should apply immediately for medicaid coverage. income standards for medicaid in pregnancy are substantially higher than cash assistance guidelines.)

please bear in mind that not all situations can be covered by the eligibility chart or the above brief overview. do not hesitate to contact the bergen county board of social services with any questions regarding public assistance eligibility.

eligibility for public assistance in the tanf category carries with it automatic eligibility for social services, if desired.

b. refugee resettlement program

1. all refugees must provide verification of their refugee status granted by the immigration and naturalization service via 1094.

2. this program assists refugees in the first 8 months after entry into the usa.

3. individuals, couples, and families may receive refugee assistance.

c. categorical medicaid

1. provides medical assistance to needy families with children who are financially eligible under the rules of the former afdc program.

2. eligibility for categorical medicaid is established when total countable family income is less than the categorical medicaid eligibility standard.

d. medicaid special / medicaid unborn

these programs provide coverage under the categorical medicaid income standards to the following:

1. emancipated children under age 21.

2. pregnant women (covered immediately upon confirmation of pregnancy.)

schedule i
initial maximum allowable income levels

all family gross income from all sources* must fall below these standards.
(countable income must also fall below the standard on schedule ii.)

number in eligible unit

150% maximum
tanf subsidy


$ 243.00















more than 8

add $75.00 each person.

schedule ii
tanf maximum payment standards

to be eligible for a cash grant, a family's countable income must fall below the standards on schedule ii. countable income is subtracted from schedule ii to determine the grant amount.

number in eligible unit

schedule ii
tanf maximum payment

















more than 8

               add $50.00 each person

to see if you may qualify click on
nj helps.org.


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